About Us.


Our goal ... is to provide you as a client the best solution to your problems and needs every day, providing you with the best products to make your life more practical, comfortable and productive. Because your satisfaction as a customer for us is the most important, we want you to get the best at the best possible price and be satisfied with your purchase, you can have the peace of mind of having our customer service team when you need it, we are delighted to Serve you, answer any questions you have and solve any inconvenience that you have so that at the end of accounts you are satisfied by your trust placed in us.

Our Vision ... Is to be one of the most reliable internet shops in the world, so that all people are assured that they will not have any problem or inconvenience when they place their trust in us making their purchases in our store. Because your satisfaction is the most important thing for us, the client is and will be the most important.

It's trust and relationships and we know these two. Acaal is a shop founded by Luis Héctor García a young businessman of Mexican origin, find fresh, updated and affordable products that can increase your daily satisfaction with a click of a button. our mission is to make shopping easier with new products imported from all over the world in order to offer a variety to our customers online.

"Acaal" is dedicated to giving satisfaction to customer with products of tendency and General knows how to jewelry, necklaces, clothes, shoes, watches, accessories among other things cool with shipping to all over the world with a single click

Finally do not hesitate to contact us at anytime and we will be happy to help you and start a great business relationship with you.






Please go to make your purchases in our store with total security, we are willing to lift your order as soon as possible.